• CEO: Bryan Thiessen
  • COO: Jason Gelowitz
  • Fleet and Dispatch Manager: Shaun
  • Finance Manager: Delaina
  • Large Truck Dispatcher for semis, 3-ton cube vans, and 5-ton flat-deck with portable forklift: Murray
  • Large Truck Dispatcher for 1-ton flat-decks, 3-ton flat-decks, 3-ton flat-decks with trailers, 5-ton flat-decks and tilt-decks: Shantal
  • Large Truck Dispatch Assistant: Lori
  • Small Fleet Dispatch Co-ordinator and Troubleshooting: Chris
  • Small Fleet Dispatch (Cars and Minivans): Anthony
  • Small Truck Dispatch (¼-ton and ½-ton trucks with pipe-racks): Erin
  • Billing Department Manager: Heather
  • Billing Department: Angela,Taylor, Stacey, Erin, and Brenna
  • Shop Supervisor: Marty
  • Shop Mechanics: Dustin, Jaskarn, Miller
  • Safety Manager: Brian
  • Sales Executive: Corrine
  • Simulator Technician: Erin Lemieux


  • Uniformed, photo ID badges, over 100 professional drivers.
  • Fully insured (cargo, liability, bond, and WCB). Certificates available upon request.
  • Certified in the transportation and handling of dangerous goods.
  • We meet or exceed the National Safety Code standards.
  • Fully covered by Workmen's Compensation.
  • Click here for more information about becoming an owner/operator with us.


  • Cars and mini-vans
  • ¼-tons with pipe racks
  • ½-tons with pipe racks
  • ½-tons, 1-tons and 3-tons with ball and pintle hitches and electric brakes
  • 1-ton flat-decks with beacon lights, hitches and electric brakes
  • 3-ton flat decks with hoists, beacon lights, hitches, and electric brakes
  • 3-ton flat-decks with 32' or 35' flat-deck trailers, with up to 59' of deck space
  • 3-ton vans with power-tail-gates, two-man delivery service
  • 3-ton tilt-deck truck
  • 4-ton tilt-deck truck
  • 5-ton tilt-deck truck
  • 5-ton flat decks with beacon lights, hitches, and electric brakes
  • 5-ton flat decks with portable forklift
  • Semi tractors with 48' and 53' highboy flat deck trailers, 53' curtain trailers, 53' step deck trailers, 53' equipment hauler trailers or 60 foot B-Train
  • 48' hard-top curtain side trailers with portable forklift


  • All units carry cellular phones and GPS tracking.
  • Satellite phone service provided for all northern Saskatchewan loads.


  • Completely computerized billing. We have the ability to sort and subtotal your delivery costs in virtually any manner you require. Customer reports will actually monitor service times so you know exactly what type of service times we are providing, an exclusive service!
  • *New* Online order system. We offer you the option of utilizing the internet to place your delivery order with us. A username and password can be supplied, allowing you full access to our Internet Dispatch System, a free service!

Direct Drive Service

We provide a Direct Drive Service for all commodities to most points in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.